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Dr. Shuang Guo has been a part time conductor and music director for Huaxia Chorus since beginning of 2017 at bi-weekly or weekly bases. The same role will be continued for 2019, and her work hours is estimated at least 100 hours annually. Most recently, Dr. Guo led HXC and received Silver Medals for mixed choir, men’s choir, and women’s choir in the 4th Sing’nJoy Vienna and the 31st International Franz Schubert Choir Competition, Vienna, Austria, June, 2018.

Growing up in a musical family in Beijing, Dr. Guo started piano at the age of 5, attended Central Conservatory's Music Boarding School for Talented Children in Beijing studying piano and composition. She received her Bachelor’s degrees on both piano and conducting from Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, China, with Professors Ying Wu, Xiaoying Zheng, Xin Xu and Hongnian Yang. She received Artist Diplomas in piano and conducting from Hochschule der Kunster in Berlin, Germany, with Professors Hellwig and Rubinstein. She has a doctoral degree in piano performance from University of Missouri, Kansas City, with Professors Joan Baker and Robert Weirich.

As a Conductor, Shuang Guo has conducted European orchestras such as the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, Helsinki Radio Symphony, New Brandenburg Symphony, Jerusalem Symphony, Rannana Symphony in Israel, Brasov Philharmonic Orchestra in Romania, Kansas City Camerata, China Women's Philharmonic Orchestra and Qingdao Philharmonic in China. As the conductor of the Woman’s Philharmonic in Beijing, Dr. Guo often appeared as pianist and conductor simultaneously.

As a Concert Pianist, Dr. Guo has performed concertos with Berlin Symphony Orchestra in Germany, Rannana Symphony Orchestra in Israel, Chinese Woman’s Philharmonic in Beijing, Kansas City Camerata and Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra. She has given recitals in Germany, England, China, Israel and the United States. In addition, by including Chinese compositions into her recital programs, she demonstrates commitment to further understanding of Chinese music in the western world. She and her sister Xiang Guo have performed piano duet extensively in China. Their tours were broadcasted by Chinese National TV stations.

For the past 18 years, Dr. Guo served as the Music Director of several choruses in NJ and NY, including Chinese American Music Ensemble, Knowledge of Sound Chorus, Haiyun Chorus, New York Chinese Chorus and Huaxia Chinese Chorus. Her appearance as the guest conductor with New Jersey Festival Orchestra in 2009 and 2016 was in the performance of Yellow River Cantata. She led Choruses performing many concerts in different Lincoln Center concert halls. In 2016, she and the NY Chinese Chorus received Gold Medal at 1st Hakka Music Festival in Taiwan.

郭爽出生在北京的一个音乐家庭,五岁开始随母亲学习钢琴??后考入本科学习指挥、钢 琴双专业,师从著名指挥家邓小瑛、杨宏年,徐新、钢琴教授吴迎、谢华珍。一九八 九年留学德国,师从拉宾斯坦、海尔维希,一九九四年作为柏林国家艺术学院的佼佼 者,获得国家指挥家和钢琴演奏家的双文凭。并于二零零五年荣获密苏里大学音乐艺 术博士。作为钢琴演奏家,郭爽在柏林、汉堡等地演奏独奏和协奏曲音乐会,并向欧 洲的观众介绍中国音乐作品,受到当地音乐界和舆论界一致好评。作为指挥家,她与 欧洲很多一流的乐团有过成功的合作,其中包括:柏林交响乐团、德国新勃尔登堡交 响乐团、耶路撒冷交响乐团等等,并指挥德国爱尔登堡歌剧院成功地演出了莫扎特的 歌剧《唐璜》。在《西贝柳斯》和《伯恩斯坦》两个属于世界最高难度的国际指挥大 赛中,她成为闯入决赛圈的唯一亚洲女性,受到世界乐坛的关注。