The bylaws were approved on July 10, 2004 by the membership.

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The name of this organization shall be the Huaxia Chinese Chorus or Huaxia Chorus in Chinese, hereinafter referred to as “the chorus.”


The chorus is a nonprofit, nonpolitical, nonreligious, cultural organization. Its mission is to enrich lives and broaden the cultural horizons of its members; to promote culture exchange and understanding within the community; and to provide community service through choral singing and concert performance.

The organization’s main object is to develop multicultural, especially Chinese chorus with other music forms as supplements. The chorus strives to achieve excellence in choral performance and, at the same time, emphasizes developing individuals musical skills.


Section 1. Membership

Anyone with basic knowledge of music and ability to perform choral singing may apply to join the chorus. To become a member, the application must be evaluated and approved by a panel formed by the president and senior members appointed by the president. A member may leave the chorus at will.

A member is an active member if he/she has participated at least 50% of the required practices in the past six months. Otherwise he/she is an inactive member.

Section 2. Rights and Obligations

A member has the right to question and make recommendations on the operation of the chorus. Only active members have the privilege to vote, to elect officers and to be elected.

An active member is obligated to pay membership dues (Exceptions may be considered by the president and the executive committee on a case-by-case basis). An active member should participate in chorus practices, performance and related activities. An active member is obligated to perform chorus services as needed.

Any member can be voted out of the chorus by two thirds of the active members.


Section 1. General Meeting

General meeting is the highest decision mechanism, through which officers are elected and major decisions are made. General meeting shall be held once a year. Under special circumstances, an emergency meeting may be called. An emergency meeting may be proposed by at least three active members and must be endorsed by at least one third of the active members. Any general meeting resolution, except the election results, needs affirmative votes of at least two thirds of the active members.

Section 2. President

The president is responsible for chorus’s daily activities, including, but not limited to, organizing practices and performances, recruiting new members, grant application and public relations. The president may delegate some of his/her responsibilities to an executive committee selected by the president. The president may convene the executive committee meetings to discuss administrative matters and bylaws amendment proposals. The president shall be elected by the General Meeting for a period of one year. The president may be reelected.

Section 3. Finance

The properties and funds, including membership dues, grants, donations and other incomes of the chorus belong to all members. Major financial decisions shall be made by the membership. The president may make decisions on small and moderate expenses, and such expenses shall be disclosed to the membership.

The treasurer is chosen by election. The treasurer position cannot be assumed by the president. The treasurer’s duty is to manage chorus financial matters, both incomes and expenses. The treasurer shall be elected by the General Meeting for a period of one year. The treasurer may be reelected. If, for any reason, the treasurer can not carry out his/her work, the president may designate an acting treasure until the next election. The state of finance shall be disclosed to the whole membership every 6 months.

Section 4. Election

Election shall be held in February of each year for the president and the treasurer. A candidate shall be nominated by at least two members at least two weeks prior to the election. The candidate with the most of the votes wins the election.


To improve the program quality and individuals music skills, the chorus may hire a music professional as its music director. The director is responsible for leading rehearsals and performances. He or she shall provide guidance to the chorus on both short term and long term artistic developments. The director is not a member and, therefore, need not fulfill member obligations. The director shall receive monetary compensation for his and her work. The executive committee shall decide the type and extent of the compensation and notify its decision to the membership.


These bylaws may be amended by two-third of the active members affirmative voting provided a written notice of the proposed amendment distributed to all members of the chorus at least two weeks before the voting. These amendments shall become effective once the voting is complete. At least two people, named by the president, are responsible for collecting the ballots and shall report the voting result directly to the membership. All amendment proposals shall be submitted to the executive committee, and the committee shall discuss the merit of the proposal and respond to the request within two weeks after the submission.