The bylaws were approved on July 10, 2004 by the membership.



This is to amend Bylaw IV, Section 4.

A candidate is effectively nominated when the nominee is nominated by at least two ACTIVE members at least two weeks prior to the election AND the nominee accepts the nomination.

When no candidate is effectively nominated for the presidency, the general meeting should elect executive committee members, including the treasurer, directly.

The number of committee members should be sufficient to cover the normal functions of the Chorus.  These functions include at least, but are not limited to, public relations, media, fundraising, scheduling practices, coordinating with directors and accounting/financing.

The guideline for the number of committee members should be seven (7).  A greater or lesser number can be decided by the general meeting based on the actual need, but this number should be an odd number.

The first seven (or another odd number decided on in advance by the general meeting) candidates in descending order of votes will be elected as the executive committee members.

The committee members should convene and reach an agreement to assign functions to each committee member. 

The committee is entrusted to elect the president.  If the committee is not able to elect a president, the committee should take the responsibilities collectively.